Couple shoots are a great opportunity to create some beautiful memories of your relationship at whatever stage you are in your life.  If you're getting married then they are great to help ease any nerves you might have of being in front of the camera before the big day.  It also means we get a chance to hang out and get to know one another which means you won't feel like you have a stranger following you around on your wedding day.  For these reasons I currently include this shoot as part of my full day wedding package when you book me.  

You don't need to be getting married though or even if you are already,  booking a session to capture your love at any stage is something every couple should do at some point in their lives at least once!  


1.DO YOU!  

Don't come to a shoot thinking you need to act, look or dress a certain way.  If you are a bum and kick about most days in ripped jeans and vans then there's no reason you should suddenly change that.  By the way I pretty much just described my own get up there so that's most likely what I will rock up wearing!  

Most of the best photos come from the outtakes when your partner busts out a totally inappropriate but hilarious joke.  So don't act like you 'think' you should, just be who you are, whether thats goofy, shy or totally bat shit crazy.  The real you is the best and most natural you and that is what I want to capture.  


These photos are about you and for you.  I really love what I do but ultimately I am here to document a really important and exciting stage in your lives.  The key to great pics is simply for you to remember what you are like when you're both alone and just ignore the hell out of me!  Let your guard down and let me in to enable me to be able to capture your relationship authentically.

3. LET GO! 

Weather is something none of us can control yet so often it is the one thing that couples worry about most, especially on their wedding day.  Don't!  Wind is my best friend for beautiful portraits.  It can throw long hair and dresses into blurry beautifulness that adds a new level of raw emotion to a portrait.  Rain can create a great mood for images too and  couples who just embrace it and laugh it off and let the rain fall on them are up there in my list of perfect couples to shoot and again it's that mindset that allows me to capture something beautiful.  There is no need to worry or stress about it not being perfect.  It is perfect if you accept it and run with it and with that kind of attitude you will rock your shoot whatever the weather!



Don't treat this shoot like something you have to fit in at the end or start of your day.  You won't feel relaxed if you have somewhere else to be and a list of things to do.  Grab lunch somewhere after or stay somewhere nice the night before.  That way you come relaxed and in a good head space to enjoy yourselves.  Remember, these photos are for you, not for me, so allow yourselves to put life to one side for a little while and make the most it and your shoot.


Wear whatever you would normally wear and whatever you are comfortable in but just be mindful of how you will look together.  If you clash then that will come out in your photos!  Black is cool and if it is your thing then break it up with some accessories as it can photograph a bit flat.


Don't think you have to stay perfectly still for a photo.  The more you interact with one another, the more natural the shots will be.  Some of the things that couples do during a shoot with me include nothing more than simply looking at each other, running their hands through their partners hair, holding their partners face in their hands, kissing his/hers forehead, holding hands.  These are the kind of simple little things that make for beautiful intimate moments on camera.  I will be there to guide you though if necessary so don't think you have to suddenly 'perform'.  All I encourage is for you both to engage with one another in whatever way that might be that reflects who you both are.


Nothing much else to say on that but just get involved, let loose and enjoy being together away from the hustle of every day life and you will nail it!