Editing Services for Professional Photographers

In the end, it’s all a question of balance

- Rohan Mistry



We all know how time consuming editing can be and if you’re a full time photographer then the chances are it takes up most of your days, in-between shooting the fun stuff. It can bog you down and take up precious time you could otherwise be spending in other areas of your business like marketing or pushing your creative skills behind the camera.

You might even like to free up your time to spend with your family or maybe you just don’t enjoy the editing as much as the shooting?

That’s where I come in…

Whatever your reason, outsourcing is the perfect solution for you to get your perfect life balance back.



WHY me?

It just kinda happened organically.

I don’t shoot weddings full time as I don’t like leaving my dog, truth!


You will be free to push yourself and progress further in your field, improve the experience and service that you offer to your clients or to simply take a much needed break. You won’t have multiple editors, unmet deadlines or messages ignored.

I strive on building solid, long term relationships and constant communication is key to ensuring that each wedding or shoot I work on is one less for you to do and as close to deliverable to your clients as is possible.

So, I’m fully committed to editing for you instead of me, so much so that I only shoot a small amount of my own weddings. You know that by using me, it will only ever be me working on your shoots and I will always edit your work with the same amount of dedication I apply to my own.

As a fellow photographer, I appreciate it's pretty hard to give up full creative control to someone else. If you manage to let go of the reins and build trust in our working relationship then you’ll have more time to invest in yourself, your clients, your life and your business.



This is where I hope I differ from other outsourcing companies. I think we all know by now, there’s no ‘one click’ preset out there. Every preset needs tweaking for every wedding. How often have you sat down to edit a wedding thinking it will edit well and then it doesn't for no rhyme or reason? We all tweak until we get it to where we want, I’m no different. So rather than sell you fake promises of smashing out perfect edits every time, I’d rather us be on the same page and know that when there are adjustments to be made, it’s because there are tiny differences in where you would take an edit to where I might think you would. It can be subjective so I encourage you to work with me, communication is key and I will keep on saying that throughout!





'Luisa has a great eye and is a pleasure to work with, freeing up so much time for both income-generating work and more importantly the family!'

- Tim Dunk, Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars 2018




How I edit for myself seems to act as my calling card for those who are considering using my services. Of course my personal style of editing may not match yours but that doesn’t matter at all! If you’d like to check out some of the super talent photographers whose awesome work I get to edit then check out some of them here.



So if you’ve got this far and you’re close to taking the leap to freeing up some precious time then you’re just one click away to making that happen. Fill in your deets below and I’ll get back to you asap.

Alternatively, if you’re ready to send me your first lr.cat then click here.

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