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Outsourcing your editing is a brilliant way to free your time up for whatever reason that may be. It may enable you to spend more time with your family, to help you meet deadlines if you’re really snowed under or it could mean you can put more time and energy into your marketing or other areas of your business. Maybe you just want to get a better work/rest/play balance but whatever the reason, look no further!



WHY me?


You will be free to push yourself and progress creatively, to shoot better, improve the experience and service that you offer to your clients or to simply take a much needed break. You won’t have multiple editors, unmet deadlines or messages ignored. I strive on building solid, long term relationships and constant communication is key to ensure that each wedding or shoot I work on is one less for you to do and as close to deliverable to your clients as is possible.

I’m fully committed to editing for you, so much so that I now only shoot a small number of my own weddings. You know that by using me, it will only ever be me working on your shoots and I will always edit your work with the same amount of dedication I apply to my own.

As an artist, I appreciate it's very hard to give up full creative control to someone else, especially a person you've never met! If you manage to let go of the reins and build trust in our working relationship through constant communication in getting your look right then you will have more time to invest in yourself, your clients, your life and your business.

There are so many reasons to outsource for full time photographers!

If you’d like to work with me then I’d love to hear from you….check out how it all works below then drop me a message and let’s get this started!






say hi

Yep, first stop, let’s chat about how I can meet your needs, about your style, your deadlines and about how this all works.

send me your files/presets

Dropbox/WeTransfer me your LR cat/Smart previews/Presets so I can work remotely on your images. I can help you with this process if you arent sure but it’s super easy to do. I use your presets but I also have plenty of my own so if you are unhappy with your look then we can chat about this.

first edit preview

I will work on a sample of your images if we’re tweaking a preset or edit the shoot before showing you in my online gallery so you can provide me with any feedback on what needs tweaking. My aim is to deliver your work with you having to spend as little time on it at all, so this first edit is a good chance for us to gauge where I’m at with nailing your look.

TIP: You can apply your edit to a couple of images and tweak it to where you like it before sending over. That is a base I can work from. You can also flag/star the images you wish to be black and white. OR, you can do neither of these things, it’s just what some people do and it depends how much control you want over how your finished shoots look. I can work with whatever your preferences to make this as easy for you as possible!


My turnaround is a week PER shoot that you send me. If you send me two weddings for example then one will be a week, the second will be two weeks and so on. I usually aim to work within that as much as is possible so often you will receive them back sooner. If you require a faster turnaround then please let me know as I can usually offer this and will always do what I can to meet your needs.

payment and receiving your lr.cat back

Once you have approved the final edit in the gallery then I will invoice you for the work completed. Once I receive payment then you will receive your finished catalogue within 24 hours via a Dropbox link.





Because of course you need to know how much it will cost to reclaim your freedom per wedding/shoot that you hand over. For now, all new clients will be taken on with a super easy package price of 18p per edited image. The only addition to that price is for culling which is 4p per image, regardless of images delivered.

Pricing example based on receiving 3000 images to be culled to 700 which are then edited:

3000 x 4p = £120

700 x 18p = £126

Total: £ 246

That includes all editing within LR:

Basic adjustments (exposure, contrast, shadows, wb/tint)

Cloning/Spot Removal

Custom tweaks/colour correction for the more challenging photos that we sometimes have to take in light we’d rather not!

Noise reduction/Sharpening

Black and White applied

Basic skin retouching/object removal







How I edit for myself works as my calling card for those who are considering using my services. Of course my personal style of editing may not match yours but that doesn’t matter at all! I’d rather show you my work so it looks consistent instead of an eclectic mix of other photographer’s styles which also may, or may not reflect your own.



So if you’ve got this far and you’re close to taking the leap to freeing up some precious time then you are just one click away making that happen! Fill in your deets below and I will get back to you asap.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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