Can I speak to you throughout the process?

Sure! This is a colaboration between us, you’re trusting me to turn your RAWS into your finished art so I encourage constant chat throughout so I can get those tweaks right as I go. Feedback is very much welcome and a necessary part of the process!

What if I’m not happy with the edit?

You’ll have the opportunity to feed back to me after the first edit is completed. You’ll receive the edit in an online gallery where you can see how the wedding/shoot looks in full. If there are any major tweaks such as wb/tint/exposure that is consistent throughout or perhaps in just some sections of the day then with your feedback I’ll be able to go back to the edit and amend that for you.

I don’t really like my preset, can you help?

I will always try to work with you to create the look you’re after. I always ask for you to send me your preset though first off so I can see it and tweak it if necessary to get it closer to your preference. This isn’t included in pricing, more just a complimentary part of the service. I may suggest purchasing a preset that your preferences gravitate toward if that is what I feel might be most beneficial to you.

Can we speak by phone?

Most people are happy to chat through email but I’m totally happy to chat on the phone to!

Is there a minimum amount of images you will accept to edit?

Nope, just head to my pricing page to find out.

Can you offer a faster turnaround than a week?

Yep, please contact me about this and I will do my best to fit in with your deadline.

Is there a contract?

No, you don’t need to sign up or sign anything but by submitting your first wedding you will be agreeing to my working process. I do ask respectfully for you to keep me updated should you change your mind for any reason on outsourcing to me.

Can this arrangement be kept confidential?

Yup, I get that some of you don’t want your clients to know you outsource so this is something I will always respect. I will always ask permission before showing any edits on social media and you will have the opportunity to confirm your preferences when filling in my online form for new clients.