Ok here’s where you give me the lowdown on your style, your presets, your likes and dislikes. I’ve asked these questions to help me understand your needs and also to help me improve my services but if there’s any further info you feel may help or that is important to you for me to know, then use the bottom field to let me know. Once I receive this form back then I will be ready to receive your first LR Cat.


Name *
Please tell whether you use a purchased preset or you have your own custom build/bespoke one.
You might find it doesn't look nice in harsh sun for example, maybe skin tones are difficult in sunset hour..whatever you have found in your experience of your own editing will be helpful
What do you like about their tones that you'd like to see more of in yours? If you don't compare (comparison is the thief of joy, as said be Benj Haisch!) and you're happy with your look then skip this question!
This really helps me as I will work according to what you tell me. I offer a week but if you tell me its 4 weeks then I can better manage my own schedule!
I'm assuming your response will be re your editing but hey, if you want to tell me a funny story or something totally random to fill up the space then I whole heartedly encourage that too. So much so I've made this question mandatory!