Here’s where you give me the lowdown on your style, your presets, your likes and dislikes. I’ve asked these questions to help me understand your needs, meet with your expectations and also to help me improve my services but if there’s any further info you feel may help or that is important to you for me to know, then use the bottom field to let me know. Once I receive this form back then I will be ready to receive your first LR Cat.

Name *
Please let me know whether you use a purchased preset or you have your own custom built/bespoke one.
Many photographers still like to add the 'finishing touch' to their weddings, some like to make minor tweaks..or do you ideally want to deliver your outsourced wedding as is?
Because let's be real, there isn't any 'one click preset' and every wedding is different..even now on my own weddings my preset acts differently when I least expect it so it's those ones I expect you to work with me in letting me go back to make any adjustments. Good comms is key!
I'm assuming your response will be re your editing but hey, if you want to tell me a funny story or something totally random to fill up the space then I whole heartedly encourage that too. So much so I've made this question mandatory!
Ideally full weddings shot in varying weather/light conditions so I can really get a sense of how you edit across a whole day.
I completely understand some people want to keep it strictly confidential however please tick the box most relevant to you.



  • All editing will be carried out within Adobe LR.

  • Once an edited gallery is fully approved you will receive an invoice and no further amendments will be made.

  • None of your work will be used for marketing without your consent as per the online form above.

  • I will be the sole editor at all times.

  • If I can’t edit a wedding within 7 days I will notify of you of this at the time. Please try to send me weddings in good time to avoid unnecessary pressure or time constraints. I will ask you to give me your deadline with each wedding as this will help me manage my diary more effectively.

  • Please notify me if you wish to cancel any agreement at any time for any reason. I would appreciate keeping up to date records that enable me to offer your space to someone else if necessary.

If you have any questions at this point then please email me hello@lightofwild.com. Otherwise, please fill in the form below to get this ball rolling.