It must be getting pretty close to your big day if you've just landed on this page!  

In order to do capture your day, filling out this form is really important for me to get a heads up on all the important things.  Please send it back to me in good time so I can go over it and check anything through with you if needs be.  

If there is anything else in addition to what I've asked thats important to you for me to know then please just add it in the box at the bottom and just leave boxes blank if some of it doesn't apply to you.

These people should be made aware that they will be my first contact in light of any situation whereby I need to get hold of you on the day.
Will I need a permit/pre pay/anything else?
Bridal makeup, brides departure time from prep location, ceremony time, photos, drinks reception, meal, speeches, first dance, cake cut, anything else! Please allow approx 15 mins for portraits after your ceremony/formal group shots and again during sunset or evening.
Someone who ideally knows close family members.
Number attending ceremony and number of evening guests
Please keep to a maximum of 7 formal groups. My focus is to get through these shots as quickly as possible to get you back to enjoying your day. Keep to your immediate family and bridal party and please try not to add more in as you may find some relatives may suggest other combinations or 'must have' shots at the time but this will eat into the time we have allocated for your portraits.
Please let me know if there are any details of your day that are particularly special to you or certain people that you would like me to capture. Due to the uncontrollable nature of a wedding day this is not always possible but if I am made aware then I will do my best to ensure I capture them.

Phew!  Sorry for asking so many questions but thanks for taking the time to fill this out, boring stuff is well and truly over now so hopefully the next time we speak will be very close to your wedding day!